Grocker - a Docker image builder for Python applications

Grocker allows you to bundle your Python applications as Docker image while keeping the image size as minimal as possible.

Grocker uses debian:jessie, debian:stretch or alpine:latest as its base image.

Grocker is hosted on Github at Grocker full documentation is available on


  1. Install Docker Engine. See its official documentation.
  2. Install Grocker with pip: pip install grocker.

Basic usage

$ grocker build ipython==5.0.0 --entrypoint ipython
$ docker run --rm -ti ipython:5.0.0-<grocker-version>

Direct wheel path

A wheel can also be directly passed to grocker to avoid the need to upload an artefact to build an image.

Grocker will switch to this mode if a / is present in the argument. Pip extra requirements can be used in this mode.

$ grocker build ./path/to/ipython-7.1.1-py3-none-any.whl[doc] --entrypoint ipython
$ docker run --rm -ti ipython-doc:7.1.1-<grocker-version>